Sunday, December 11, 2011

Half Training - Week One Complete

Week one of training is done.  And what a week it has been!  Between work and home responsibilities, and training, I have been pretty busy.  Busy enough that I took today as a PJ day.  Yep, I'm STILL in my PJs, and it's after 6pm.  I have completely enjoyed it, although I didn't laze around all day.
To recap my training for the week:

Monday - 30 minute run
     Total time:  40 minutes (includes warm up & cool down)
     2.66 miles

Wednesday - 25 minute run
     Total time:  35 minutes (includes warm up & cool down)

     2.35 miles
     This was a hill/varying speed workout on the TM that I got from a friend.  Thanks, Tiffany!

Thursday - Easy walk
     Didn't happen

Saturday - 3 mile run
     Total time:  About 48 minutes (I forgot to turn off my Garmin when I stopped)
     3.45 miles (includes warm up & cool down)
     This run kind of sucked.  While it wasn't really cold, it was breezy and overcast.  My legs did get to feeling cold during the run.  I believe that hindered my performance.  

Total mileage for the week:   8.46
Training schedule for next week is basically the same:
Monday & Wednesday - 30 minute runs
Thursday - Easy walk
Saturday - 4 mile run
With the weather as changeable as it is, most of my weekday runs could very well be inside on the TM.  For my longer weekend runs, I really prefer to run outside.  The TM does tend to get boring fairly quickly.  However, it is definitely time to invest in some running togs for cooler/colder weather.  First thing on the list...LONG PANTS!  (See above comment on my Saturday run).

One last thing to wrap up.  The support I've gotten from my husband is awesome!  He has even started running again in support of my efforts.  Funny thing...when I emailed him that I had completed my Wednesday run and how far it was, he replied that he had run about 6K.  I called him a show off!  In his defense, he's almost a foot taller than I am, and he's been running for many more years than I have!  I am truly appreciative of his support.  It makes this SO much easier!

Here's a picture of me that was taken in October 2011:

For comparison, here's a picture of my husband.  That's the same figure he's kneeling by.  Is it any wonder he covers more ground than I do in the same amount of time?  Funny thing, though; when we're walking around a store, he always asks me to slow down...
Good night, all!  Time for dinner and relaxing!

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