Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last LONG Run Before the Half...Or the 14 Miler that Wasn't

Well, it wasn't 14 miles, but it was more than the half distance.  13.34 miles with an average pace of 15:16.  Based on that, I shouldn't have any problems finishing my first half within the 3.5 hour time limit.  I even have a little extra time to play with.  Not much, mind you, but a little.

And now, faithful readers, the part you like the most about my long!

The last long run I did, I started from the house and ran in and around the neighborhoods.  I did the same yesterday.  Last time when I got to this point...
I turned right and followed this path across the bridge.  Yesterday, I turned left at the T.
Right before I got to the next road, there was a map.
The blue line is the trail I was following.  The star is where I was at when I took the picture.  Back to the left, at the intersection of the blue line and the black line labeled Peek Rd. is where I joined up with the trail.  Word to the NOT stand on an anthill while taking a picture.  Those little buggers will get your attention quick, fast, and in a hurry!
View of the drainage system/bayou I was running along.
Another view...on the other side of the water are two great egrets.  In between them is a blue heron, although you really can't see him.  I've seen these before but never in flight.  In flight, they are an amazing site.  They really are blue!

I did not realize how far this trail extended until I saw this sign...
Please excuse the graffiti.  Seems to be more and more of a problem these days.  This is where I crossed over into the park where I did my first long run, although this is on the south side of the road that runs through the park.  Of course, I didn't realize that at the time. 
When I saw this stretch of trail, I really started to wonder where in the heck I was!  I think this was between the 6 and 7 mile marks.  Probably closer to 7.
One of the wildflowers I saw.  The picture doesn't give you a good idea of scale, but these little flowers are smaller that the tip of my little finger.  I'm only 5'1", and I have small hands.
This is the playground at the new baseball park the county is building.  I finally realized where I was when I got here.  This park is right across the road from where I started my long run on Jan. 21.  I turned back towards home when I got to the road.
Almost stepped on this little guy!  Good thing he was green, or I probably wouldn't have seen him.  He was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk right about where the park ended and the housing subdivisions started.  His shell wasn't any bigger than a silver dollar.  I took a couple of pictures and then moved him into the grass so he wouldn't get run over by a bicycle or another runner.

I didn't take any other pictures the rest of the way home.  This was about mile 9.  I had another couple of miles to go before I even turned back onto the road that would lead home.  And another 2.5 miles after that!  I didn't realize it was that far.  Amazing how distances can be deceiving when you're driving as opposed to running/walking.

This is me, after I got home.  Sorry for the blurriness, but you can see that I worked hard on this run!
By the way, I was laying on the floor with my legs up the wall when I took this.  Helped to stretch the back of the legs.  I sure wish I had remembered to stretch my quads though.  They're starting to talk to me tonight!

I wish I could say that I didn't have any discomfort after this run.  The last 3-4 miles of this run though were VERY uncomfortable.  Yesterday afternoon and part of today, my left hip and back of my right knee were letting me know they were NOT happy!  I think I've figured out part of the problem though.  Other than this long run, I didn't run at all this last week.  Not good, I know.  I really don't have any excuses.  I just let life get in the way.  Not enough hours in the day, and all that...Lesson learned!

On the docket this week...2 short runs (30 minutes each), and a 5 miler on the weekend.

Have a great week, faithful readers!

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