Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What a wonderful girls weekend!  My friend, Sooz, and I drove up to OKC on Friday to spend the weekend with our good friend, Jan.  We had an absolutely stupendous time!  Really didn't do much of anything, but it's been so long since we've been able to spend time together.  And after the busy week I had, this weekend was a much needed time of relaxation & fun.

We both worked Friday morning and hit the road in the early afternoon.  OKC is a bit of a drive, but we got there around 9 or 10.  Opened the wine and got all caught up in front of the fire on the balcony.  And the view...?

Here's what it looks like during the daytime...

First activity of the day - a 4 mile run (well, almost...3.84 actually).  And the last .84 mile was actually a walk.  It's kind of hard to run when you're carrying a Starbucks coffee!  Unless, of course, you don't mind burning yourself.

Some of the sights from our run...

 See the yellow boats?  We rode one of those on the canal ride we took later in the day.

Next...off to lunch at Toby Keith's!  Yes, that is a bus in the wall.

Look, it's bumper to bumper in there!

Next up...the canal ride.

 We saw these sculptures on our run, but I was able to get some more (and better) pictures during the canal ride.  The sculptures depict the 1989 land rush in Oklahoma.  They did such a good job with this!  The artist's attention to detail makes these sculptures appear so real.

 The building in the background is the brand new Devon Energy building.  It's so new that it isn't even complete yet.  Jan likes the depiction of the old and new together.  I do, too.

After we got done here, we went to the OKC Memorial.

Across the street from the memorial is a church and another display.  As much as the memorial moved/disturbed me, I think the statue across the street moved me even more.

Then it was wine tasting time!

And appetizers and drinks at a Tapas place...
And, finally, dinner at a new sushi place....(Wish I'd taken a picture of our food.  The presentation was awesome!)

And off to home we went!  Great, FULL day of activities (and relaxing).  Sunday was spent in the car driving home, but after all the moving around on Saturday, sitting still was nice.

Yesterday it was back to the grind, but we're not as busy this week as we were last week.  Now I can take some time and learn more of what I need to know for my new position in the department.  OJT is great, but I need to learn more of the background in order to be really effective.

Have a great week, everyone!  I have my last LONG run before my half this coming weekend - 14 miles.  Wow!

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  1. Wow! Jaynie, you did a fantastic job on this post! I am truly impressed with your writing skills. Plus, great pics! We need to start planning another trip sooooon!