Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 Mile Run...With a Friend!

Those of you who read my blogs with any regularity know that I rarely run with people.  Usually it's just me, zoning out in my own little world.  But yesterday, the friend I went to OKC with called me to ask if I was running this morning and if she could join me.  She's doing the same 10K that I am doing in April and wanted a running partner.  Of course I said yes.

Let me tell you, Susie is a better runner than I am.  She runs faster, doesn't smoke, has more endurance, etc.  But I've found that it's good to push myself every so often.  I'm pretty proud of my performance today.  Susie ended up finishing a bit ahead of me, but only because she ran straight through the last half mile, and I continued with my run/walk intervals.

Today was the first time I can remember actually chatting with a running partner through most of the run.  That means my endurance and lung capacity has definitely improved!  I know this because we didn't really back off the pace much.  I had to take a couple extra walk breaks but only a couple.

I didn't take very many pictures this time.  We ran in a park that I've only been to once before (with Susie, of course).  We met at Susie's house and drove over since it's close to her house.  The trail was blacktop, like most of the trails in the parks around this area.  Enjoy!

Start/end point:
No, that's not my friend in the picture.  I took this after we finished.

The honeysuckle vines are blooming...smells so good!

Offshoot trail into the woods...wonder where it goes...

I really like how the picnic table and the tree are reflected in the puddle.  We've had just enough rain this week for large puddles to stick around.  Unfortunately, that also means the mosquitoes were out.  And they got me a few times!

Next Saturday is my half.  I don't know if I'll get very many pictures that day, but I'll try.  And the hubster will be with me (not running though), so maybe he'll take some pictures as well.  I hope so.

Have a great week!

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