Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Am I really in week 7?

Is this really week 7 already?  Wow!  Time sure flies.

Last week was just about a total bust.  I only ran once, on Tuesday, and then I got hit with an allergy attack.  I just felt off the rest of the week; off enough that I didn't do much of anything!  I didn't run again until Monday this week.

My run on Monday, by the way, really sucked!  My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my left hip hurt.  I ran about the same distance and speed as normal, but it was really uncomfortable.  In comparison, today's run ROCKED!  I bought new shoes over the weekend and wore them tonight.  I should have worn them on Monday (that was a big contributor to the quality of that run). 

My distance run this 8 miles.  I'm a little nervous about that.  I've never run that far before.  But my nervousness aside, I WILL do that run.  I'm not trying to beat any speed records, just go the distance.  I think I know what route I'm going to run.  I think I'll go back to the park I did my last long run at, and travel on the equestrian trail instead of the hike/bike trail.  I've been on that trail before, and it's a nice run.  I'll carry my phone so I'll try to get some good pictures for y'all.

Good night.  I'll let you know how my run goes on Saturday.


  1. I am also training for my first HM, but walking it. Friday will be a 9 mile walk, but probably on the treadmill as it is supposed to snow on Friday.

    1. I know we have a chance of rain here, but thankfully it doesn't snow here very often.