Sunday, May 13, 2012

The End of an Era

I have lived in Katy, TX since the end of September 1999.  Beginning in October 1999 I started doing the bulk of my grocery shopping at a Kroger that was within 2 miles from my house.  I have seen employees come and go, and even built decent relationships with some of them.  I got comfortable enough with the pharmacy staff that I could ask questions and get straight answers.  Sometimes they'd even volunteer information that I might need to know.  That doesn't always happen with pharmacies these days, even though it should.

I am sad to say that as of May 3, 2012, my Kroger store has closed.  I drove by there the other day, and it was all boarded up.

I'm actually kind of heart broken over the whole thing; even though there are other Kroger stores I can shop at that are close to home.  There's even one about the same distance from my house in the other direction!  But I don't know the layout of that store, so it takes longer to do my shopping at that location.  Mind you, I don't shop weekly anymore, but I do still spend some time at the grocery store.

Is it wrong to be upset about this?  Yeah, probably...but I am, and I know I'll get over it.  It's hard to let go of almost 13 years of history, though.  One bright spot in this is that some of the employees from "my" store have transferred over to the other store by my house.  I am glad that the Kroger company didn't just jettison the employees from the closing store.

Sorry for the maudlin post.  I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day.

Bye for now!

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