Tuesday, February 21, 2012

11 Miler Is In the Books!

I did it!  My longest run ever!

And I must say, I am feeling it!  Yesterday when I finished, I stretched.  Apparently, though, I didn't stretch enough because I stiffened up pretty bad.  The left hip is much better today, but the back of the right knee is still pretty sore.  I'm thinking I won't be running again tomorrow.  Maybe on Thursday; we'll see how it feels.  And today my quads are starting to get a little sore, as well.  Yeah, I can tell I did a long run yesterday!

Average pace for the run - 14:33
Calories burned - 916

I can't lie; I treated myself to a Whopper Jr. (with cheese) for lunch.  And it was good!  All is not lost, though; I had a side salad to go with it, and water to drink.

Only 2 more long runs left on the training schedule:
March 3:  12.5 miles
March 17:  14 miles

Have a great night!

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