Friday, November 18, 2011

Playing With Intervals

Within a few weeks after I began running, I started following the Jeff Galloway run/walk method.  For the longest time, I've been doing a 2:00/1:00 interval set.  This morning I decided that I would try out some different intervals.

According to the Galloway website, your interval ratio should correspond to your pace:
Run-walk-run ratio should correspond to the pace used (Runners).
8 min/mi—run 4 min/walk 35 seconds
9 min/mi— 4 min run-1 min walk
10 min/mi—-3:1
11 min/mi—2:30-1
12 min/mi—-2:1
13 min/mi—-1:1
14 min/mi—30 sec run/30 sec walk
15 min/mi—30 sec/45 sec
16 min/mi—30 sec/60 sec

My runs average somewhere around a 14 minute/mile pace, so this morning I did my run using 0:30/0:30 interval.  I found that I was just a little faster today than I was the last time I ran approximately the same distance.  Score!

Today's run was 2.51 miles - here are my stats as collected from my Garmin:
Total time:  35:47.74
Mile 1:  14:18.93
Mile 2:  13:19.39
.51 Mile:  8:09.42

Comparable run on 11/12/2011 was 2.68 miles:
Total time:  39:12.06
Mile 1:  14:46.64
Mile 2:  13:25.41
.68 Mile:  11:00.01

One thing to point out, my total mileage and time does include my warm up and cool down time.  So if I'm running more than two miles, the second mile is usually more indicative of my average pace.  For my next run, I believe I'll try a 1:00/1:00 interval.

I've chosen to do the Galloway Half Marathon training plan as listed on his website.  Training officially begins for me the week of December 4.  I still have to get my training plan entered into a calendar somewhere.  I'm thinking of using the Google calendar feature.  That will be real helpful if I can set up email reminders.

Stay tuned!

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